Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

  • Filmmaking

I have graduated from the University of Stirling (BA (Hons) Film and Media and Psychology) in June 2015 and I am now studying at the Screen Academy Scotland (MA Film). I consider myself to be a filmmaker – I have not yet made any films worth of note. I am trying to produce a self-reflective documentary but due to funding and my inability to self-shoot, the process is slow/at a halt. I consider myself to be an activist in my own right with relation to disability rights and other human rights. I have particular interest on progressing equal rights to autonomy, for persons who have disabilities which put barriers against their chance to live equally to others without such hindrances.

I would like to conduct further research at some point – I did research in psychology. My dissertation questioned whether the aesthetics of physical disability, the concept of disability or the health of the disabled person led to lower attractiveness and quality of life ratings by others. I would like to visually test this at some point through film. I have an idea for an experimental film, Prosopagnosia, exploring dehumanisation through the idea of "othering" and objective violence (Zizeck) - I am currently trying to look at options for funding this (and some other film ideas) after my MA course.