Rastko Novaković


I am based in London and I have been making moving image work for over a decade.

Much of my time is spent on organising in the housing movement locally, across London and within a Europe-wide housing coalition (www.housingnotprofit.org). I am a BECTU shop steward and an active trade unionist. See @tuforhousing for more details of Trade Unionists for Housing - a rank-and-file group organising around housing as a workplace issue.

I have been collaborating with Amanda Egbe for many years and our last major project was 'Deptford | Tributes' (54 mins, 2009). You can read more about it and stream it here: www.deptfordtributes.co.uk.

My latest film 'Concrete Heart Land' (with Steven Ball, 25 mins, 2013) deals with the social cleansing of the Heygate Estate (South London) - you can watch and download it here: www.concreteheartland.info.