General information

Over the May Day weekend 2016, more than 30 groups involved in various aspects of radical film culture put on film screenings and events around Glasgow and beyond, under the ‘Radical Film Network’ umbrella. Please see the festival website for the full programme.

Alongside these activities, the unconference was a space for reflection, discussion and knowledge sharing. The purpose of the unconference was to facilitate spaces where people involved in radical film culture could meet up, share knowledge and materials, and reflect on their practice in connection to the wide variety of events taking place during the weekend. The unconference ran between 9am and 3pm on Saturday and Sunday, and on Monday there was a Radical Film Network general meeting at 12-2pm.

These spaces were autonomous and self-governed. Therefore, it was very important that each participant understands what the expectations were and how to work together to create situations in which we can all learn from one another, think, listen, and be heard in a safe and nourishing environment.

This online space will remain available for as long as possible so that participants can continue to make contact and share information.