The Mountain Rebels

Ah The Joys of being Dual national and having to cater for varying degrees of polyglot audiences!Looking for audio and editing facilities to do another 2 versions of this film(one for an international audience with both english and italian subtitles with an English speaking Voiceover) and one for an italian speaking audience with english subtitles for the Italian Voice Over. At the moment the film has an English speaking voice over with english subtitles only over the mainly italian dialogue. We hope to make a webseries online and i have 3 hours more footage plus i hope to do another trip to Italy next year to do more filming. We are hoping to find funding.

About Christian Zanone

I am a film maker , actor and activist. By making films which go against the grain of mainstream culture and take an observational view of the society we live in I hope to make use of my presentational skills on documentary and research how best I can improve on my directing/producing techniques in short fiction film genres . I would also like to glean information about how to create a mini webseries online whereby distribution deals could pay for editing and credit as a Producer and find out more about financial incentives of promoting a recent short film i made on the festival circuit. Having worked closely with Health and Wellbeing and community centres my work centres on health, lifestyle choice, culture and the ever entangled voices of dissent .
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