Yasmin Al-Hadithi


I am Festival Director at Highlight Arts - a charity that works with filmmakers and artists living in the context of conflict: inequality, prejudice, war or environmental disaster. We organise festivals, curate new artistic collaborations and generate new work - with the aim of creating new narratives through personal interactions.

I am currently working towards a multi-arts festival on the theme of The Arctic (to take place in December 2016). Working with artists from the circumpolar North with the aim of breaking some of the stereotypes and simplifications prevalent in common discourse on the region.

I am a freelance documentary filmmaker, researcher and educator, passionate about the interplay between education and the arts. As a documentarist with a background in visual anthropology (specialising in Indigenous Media and participatory approaches to filmmaking) my study and my practice both inform the attentive manner in which I approach cultural research and representation.